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Hase is an open source (GPL) gravity based artillery shooter. It is similar to Worms, Hedgewars or artillery, but the gravity force and direction depends on the mass nearby. It is optimized for mobile game consoles like the GP2X, Open Pandora or GCW Zero, so it doesn't make use of the mouse even on the PC. Hase features:

Probably the best idea to get the idea of the game are videos and screenshots:
Hase screenshot 1 Hase screenshot 2 Hase screenshot 3 Hase screenshot 4 Hase screenshot 5 Hase screenshot 6 Hase screenshot 7


Version 1.6.8

Updated at the 07.08.2020 11:42.

Sourcecode and License

Hase is released under the GPLv2+. The sourcecode is available at Github. For compilation it needs SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_net. Furthermore it needs my own library Sparrow3D, which is based on SDL.